Tuesday, May 26, 2009 we have set the new world record for being the worst bloggers in the world and now we are going to set a new world record for the longest post. We have a long way to go so let's get started:

Kate had her friend Josie over for a sleep-over and they had a blast!

Lilly is ready for sledding

In February, I had the chance to go with my sister Theresa and her family to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas to be their "Nanny" while they were there for a business trip.

What a great trip....thanks Theres!!

This is the Atlantis Resort which is were we stayed. It was amazing!

Here I am at the shark slide....yikes!!

Can you say wedgie?

On March 6th, my litttle babies turned 7....can you believe it? We were opening presents at 7 am because Trav was heading to Boise to watch a basketball tournament.

Kate got horses of course.

Sorry ladies....he is his mommie!!

I don't know why I do a birthday party because they are such a total nightmare but here is number 7. I guess the kids have a blast and that is all that is important.

My artistic husband crafted these fine cakes by is Sam's football.

Yummy....cake!!! And yes, it is a horse, of course.

Kate and Sam were in a Jump-A-Thon at their school where they have a rope jumping contest. They both did great for just first graders.

Kate looked like the Tazmanian Devil....she would swing that rope so fast.

Kate and Sam were involved with Junior Jazz all winter and they had quite the time. Not being biased here but they were the best in the gym. I am quite impressed with their skills but what else should we expect.

Sam is taking after daddy already!

At the end of March, we had the chance to go to California with my whole family. We went to Huntington Beach for the day and to Disneyland for four days. The day at the beach wasn't as warm as we would have liked but it was still fun.

Sam doing some boogey boarding.

Hang loose or I love you....whichever one you want.

We made it to Disneyland and as usual, Trav is happy to have his picture taken. This is my first time and it really is an amazing place.

We waited in line for hours to get to meet the princesses and my girls absolutely loved it.

We got to have breakfast with the Disney characters and it was so fun. All of the characters would walk around and greet the kids.

Long story with this one. Trav gave the nickname Eyore because I can sometimes be a bit of a moper and a pesimest just like my buddy Eyore.

Splash Mountain.....definately a classic. That is Trav in the back.

Sam loves Goofy! He had to have a Goofy hat, that he still wears out on the town to this day, and we had to track down Goofy for a picture. Aw shucks!!

Bugs Life was cool. What a cute bug family!

We had Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Mallory's house. It was a great time at their house, as usual!

Sam went rabbit hunting with his dad, cousin Ethan, and Uncle Mat. Sam is all camo'd out so that they couldn't see him.